Special Deals

Announcing our NEW Pryo-Shield Heat Insulators!

pryo heat shieldAfter a year of research and development we have developed a simple and economical way to reduce heat in the foot-wells of all Cobras! Pyro-Shield is a thin blanket of flexible ceramic encased in a stainless steel membrane that will insulate up to 2350 degrees F. The shields are bonded to the foot-wells in the engine compartment directly in front of the headers with a high temperature adhesive, suitable for exterior and high temperature use.

The engine side is stainless steel and adds an attractive shield appearance while completely stopping heat transfer to the foot-well. Sold in sets of two with adhesive and instructions. $300 with free shipping. Sized for the EM 93″ GEN IV car but can be made to fit any COBRA. Note: These cannot be cut or sewn for a different size- We manufacture them to a customer provided template for other non-EM cars or other size foot-wells. Will bond to fiberglass, or metal.