Our History

Everett-Morrison began when Buford Everett purchased an original mold of the Cobra and tooling for the Chevrolet Cheetah from Dean Morrison in 1983 in Chicago.

From the beginning, the company introduced innovations that would make the new kit more responsive, powerful, and yet reasonable to construct with a minimum of tooling.The first five years saw the new car move from its original solid rear axle to independent suspension using first Corvette and then Jaguar XKE rear drive packages.

The original front end used A frames with a single shock and king pins, as was the case with the Corvette. The 1990’s saw the introduction of the coil over suspension and increased wheelbase from 90 inches to 93 and then to 96 inches. New powerplants made of aluminum were added as were race proven transmissions. Then, in 2002, E-M began the redesign of the entire vehicle. First designing a completely new tubular and ladder frame made of stainless steel and then simplifying the process of moulding the fiberglas bodies and panels.

Abandoning the previously used “chopper gun” sprayed fiberglass spray methods, Everett-Morrison then introduced hand laid cross strand fiberglass construction and in 2003 the newest GENERATION IV was completed. 2005 and 2006 saw more improvements in interiors now made with UltraLeather as an option to real leather, and increased foot room for driver and passenger. Brakes were increased in size to 13 inches diameter vented discs and two piston aluminum calipers in front and 11 inch vented discs with single piston calipers in the rear.

In 2007 the company founders decided to bring in successor management and a sale was made.  E-M has relocated to the Houston, Texas area to better reach and serve its more than 1000 customers across the country while retaining the relationship with the Everett family.

Everett-Morrison Motorcars believes that continued success is best achieved by providing the customer with genuine value.

With our quality components, ease of assembly, and technical support, E-M is dedicated to making every customer’s kit car experience a successful and rewarding one.

This video is an older program that features our car, but gives a good history of the Everett-Morrison Motorcars company.