Frequently Asked Questions

What does it takes to build your own Roadster?

What body style is your car?

The E-M Generation IV is a replica of the 1966 big block roadster.

How original is your car?

The E-M Generation IV replica features a very authentic body, original style 4″ round tube frame, as well as original specification lights, windshield, bumpers, dash, switches, gauges, roll bar, etc. We do offer some options which were never on the original 1966 automobile, a radio console, for example. But, with appropriate options, the E-M Generation IV can be made to be very original.

How much would it cost to build this car?

If you are building the car yourself, depending on options, you should anticipate a total parts cost in the range of $ 40,000 – $ 50,000.

How difficult is this to put together?

If you’ve ever changed a clutch, you’ve done work as difficult as you will find in building an E-M Generation IV, except that building a car is a much larger project.

Is there any welding required?

No, all welding is done at the factory.

Will I have to fabricate any parts?

No, E-M can supply all required components- bolt up ready.

How long does it take to put one of these together?

If you are doing all the assembly yourself, we recommend you allow about 300 man-hours to complete the car. We can supply the car pre-assembled up to some point of your choice, in which case the remaining assembly time would be less.

What type of engine can be used?

The new Generation IV chassis is designed to accept the Ford “FE” block engines. This family of engines includes the 390, 406, 427, and 428. The “FE” block is a high performance engine by design and being the original engine, makes a most authentic replica with a higher resale value.

What type of suspension does the car have?

The Generation IV replica has a fully independent front and rear suspension based on all new Ford components. All four wheels have stainless steel upper and lower a-arms with coil-over shocks. The front has late model Ford steering rack and 13″ brakes. The rear has 8.8 traction lock aluminum carrier and cv-jointed half shafts.

Can I get everything from you, or do I need to supply some things myself?

E-M can supply all the parts for the finished car except for the engine. If you don’t have a source for an engine, we have two qualified suppliers we can recommend.

Do I need a donor car?

No, since the engine is the only customer-supplied item, and this is best purchased from a qualified source, there is no need for a donor vehicle.

Do I have to buy everything all at once, or can I get it in phases?

You can buy parts in phases, as you need them, with no price penalty.

How long does it take to get parts?

It depends on the part. Certain components are kept in stock and delivery time on these is about 2 weeks. Examples of stock items would be gauges, lights, bumpers, windshields, steering wheels, etc. Other items, are built to order, such as bodies, frames, headers or upholstery. Delivery on these items is usually about 6 weeks, but sometimes may be longer, depending on our backlog.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, all parts of E-M manufacture have a one-year warranty. Other stock parts, e.g. gauges, carry the warranty of their respective manufacturers.

I’m 6′ 4″ and weigh 285 lbs; will I fit in the car?

Yes, the Generation IV Replica with it’s enlarged footboxes and 3″ extended wheelbase will accommodate the tallest drivers.

How is the car registered?

State laws govern specific titling procedures. Your local DMV can provide you with requirements for your state. In all cases, E-M provides you with a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. The state will require this certificate in order to title the car. The state will also require sales invoices for the major components of the car, as well as proof of insurance.

Where can I get insurance?

Some major insurance companies will insure kit cars at rates comparable with other sports cars. In addition, there are a number of insurers that offer more favorable rates by specializing in kit cars and street rods.

How is the car shipped?

The car body is shipped on a rolling pallet via enclosed truck at a cost of about $ 0.75 to $ 1.00 per mile, depending on distance. The frame and other components may be shipped along with the body for the same price. The frame may be shipped by itself via common carrier anywhere in the 48 states for about $ 100 – $200. All other parts may be shipped UPS.

Some Replica kits cost less than $ 10,000. How come yours is so much more?

Some kits require that you furnish most of the parts from a high mileage donor car. So, items such as radiator, fuel tank, wiring, gauges, steering column, wipers, headers, etc., may not be included in the price of the kit. Our kit is comprised of entirely new components and does not require a donor vehicle.

How long have you been in business?

Everett-Morrison Motorcars was founded in 1983.

Why is your car better than all the rest?

Five reasons:

  1. Superior Design.
  2. First rate quality.
  3. Wide selection of options.
  4. Buy parts as you need them.
  5. Excellent customer support.

You are invited to visit our facilities during regular factory hours. Appointments are required, please contact us for details. We look forward to showing you our facilities and our “Generation IV” Replica.